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We will not be satisifed until we see your smile on your face while leaving the office. We prioritize quality, your happiness with your new smile.

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Etiler, Adnan Menderes Blv. No:61, 07010
Muratpaşa / Antalya / Turkey
+90 (546) 136 01 00

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Hello! This is Turuncu Dental

A dental clinic giving people beautiful smiles.

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Who Are We?

We are a dental polyclinic that believes in power of smile & positive energy in Antalya, Turkey; and medical treatments should be led by professional teams to get satisfying results at an affordable price.

Smile is the best asset you can wear and we are surely aware of this. In order to achieve this goal; giving you a big, healthy, real, happy, permanent, great looking, peaceful smile, we keep using the most creative, modern technologies & techniques. We aim to make you experience the cool dental treatment during your visit in Turkey, Antalya.

  • Believing in the power of smile & positive energy.
  • Experienced over 15+ years in dental treatments.
  • Communication is the key to get a successful result.
  • Creative & modern techniques and technologies used.
dental treatment steps

Here are 3 main easy steps to organize your dental treatment.


Free Consultation

Contact our patient coordinators for free.


Assesment & Planning

Docs being evaluated & personal treatment plan.


Flight & Treatment

Plane ticket & getting your new elegant smile.

A journey to pearly awesome smiles!

Find out everything you need to know and more about how we manage your dental treatment prodecures during your visit here in Antalya, Turkey.

After reaching our patient coordinators, you will ve asked for sharing the x-rays or your real photos / video. After our doctors see and evaluate your dental status, we will prepare a personalized dental treatment for you at an affordable & reasonable price with alternatives.

After you are given detailed information about your dental treatment plan here, you will be asked for plane ticket. According to your flight plan, we will arrange every single detail about your treatment and accomodation here during the treatment including VIP transfers on airport - hotel - clinic route.

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We are proud of our works

We bring high quality solutions to make life easier for you.


Happy Results


Years Experience


Patient Satisfaction

“Very nice clinic! We had a late night dental emergency, and they helped at the highest professional standard!”

Coriss Ambady

Financial Analyst

“Absolutely amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable and staff go above and beyond to make you comfortable.”

Cory Zamora

Marketing Specialist

“Thanks all Turuncu dental family for their endless kindness, smiling faces and their wonderful teamwork.”

Nikolas Brooten

Sales Manager

“The clinic was incredibly clean and luxorious. I had no problem about communicating with doctors and staff.”

Coriss Ambady

Financial Analyst

turuncu dental lobby-Turuncu Dental Clinic Antalya, Turkey
turuncu dental lobby-Turuncu Dental Clinic Antalya, Turkey
turuncu dental lobby-Turuncu Dental Clinic Antalya, Turkey

Where Are We?

Clinic that believes in the power of positive energy & great smile.

Located in Antalya - Turkey, the pearl of the Mediterrenian Sea, Turuncu Dental Clinic is one of the most chosen clinic by many patients living in overseas countries. There are of course many reasons to choose Antalya for the dental treatments; mainly dental implants, crowns, veneers, hollywood smile design, teeth whitening and root canal treatments. You will be able to turn your treatments into a kind of vacation by coming to Antalya.

  • Enjoy the Antalya's sun & delicious food.
  • Have a great time during your dental treatment.
  • High quality & permanent dental solutions.
  • Having a very big, permanent, healthy & positive smile.
3D Interactive Tour

24/7 Support

We are here to support you anytime just in case your dental needs.

Secure Payments

You can pay for your treatment in very secure wat, IT supported.

Tech Updates

We follow the best & modern technology to give high quality service.

Happy Patients

We aim to make you leave our clinic with a very face full of smile.

What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

We, as Turuncu Dental Clinic, prefer to provide a personalized, professional dental treatment plan to our patients with a great detailed manner at affordable dental prices in Turkey, Antalya. Since we were founded, we aim to give you the best smile style that fits your face & giving the best dental solutions.

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